Building Management System

Adnan Engineering is giving Building Management System and integrates the different sub-systems of a building on a single platform. It brings together all the electromechanical systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Plumbing, Access control, STP, Key management system, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm, etc. installed in a facility along with most commercially available sensors, Master Clock and Panoramic camera, on a centralized Building Management System. It connects off-the-shelf cameras; CCTV camera surveillance systems and access control systems into the same platform and is compliant with most major protocols in the Building Management system. We provide ensures Contemporaneous of all system components to deliver optimized performance and energy efficiency. All the data derived from the Adnan Engineering is automatically routed into an analytics platform for insights into how energy savings can be accomplished. The Building Management System is designed to be fully relevant with any future energy building management solution.


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