Building Automation

The Adnan Engineering Building Automation drives are intended to seamlessly interface with a complete building automation system. They contain the common building automation protocols that allow easy integration with Smart Buildings or existing Building Management System. The drives also contain the characteristics desired in the HVAC industry to make their unification possible. Characteristics such as fire mode, master clock and internal Access control allow the functionality desired by an integrated Building Automation control. As industry leaders, our track record includes communicating the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building Automation solution encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access products. As part of Adnan Engineering. The companies are able to bring some of the most energy efficient and sustainable resolution to buildings around in the world.

Master clock

In the United Arab Emirates, The Company provides the best master clock services. The precision clock that provides timing signals to sync slave clocks as part of a clock network. We provide the different type clocks connected by wires to a precision master clock began to be used in institutions like factories, offices, and other places around 1900. The master clock is a chastity clock that provides timing sideline signals to synchronize slave clocks as part of a clock network. Networks of electric master clocks and Fire Alarm connected by wires to a chastity master pendulum clock began to be used in institutions. Today, many radio clocks are synchronized by radio signals or internet connections to a worldwide time system called Coordinated Universal Time which is governed by master atomic clocks in many countries. For more information visits our company website.

CCTV system in uae

Make positive that you choose a hygienic area in which cleanliness and deals need to be your particular liabilities. You can’t sincerely find the money for to make any sorts of compromise with these measures and therefore the UAE is taking right care in these regards. The domestic automation firms at UAE ensure that the clients are capable of stick with the services that might absolutely assist in giving the fine the various deals. While safety is a previous situation in the areas, CCTV system in uae are also being added in as the residential or industrial sectors to make certain that your private home is safe from thefts, burglars and other evil spirits. If you’re losing something, you may without difficulty activate the records to find out your product.

Building Management System

Adnan Engineering is giving Building Management System and integrates the different sub-systems of a building on a single platform. It brings together all the electromechanical systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Plumbing, Access control, STP, Key management system, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm, etc. installed in a facility along with most commercially available sensors, Master Clock and Panoramic camera, on a centralized Building Management System. It connects off-the-shelf cameras; CCTV camera surveillance systems and access control systems into the same platform and is compliant with most major protocols in the Building Management system. We provide ensures Contemporaneous of all system components to deliver optimized performance and energy efficiency. All the data derived from the Adnan Engineering is automatically routed into an analytics platform for insights into how energy savings can be accomplished. The Building Management System is designed to be fully relevant with any future energy building management solution.

Smoke control system

A smoke control system is a system that is used to limit the dwelling abroad of smoke within a building proper to a Fire Alarm. There are several methods to limit this dwelling abroad, and some are designed to provide a recognized environment for occupants to egress the building  smoke control security. The Adnan Engineering will use either the HVAC system or dedicated smoke control fans to extract smoke control system for the building, or create a stress differential to prevent the migration of smoke from the location of fire origin. The smoke control system relies on the natural buoyancy of the smoke and the stack effect to allow the smoke to Excess the building. For more information visits our company website.